Remembering a Legend...

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Lady Khaos, Second Primogen of the Sun Moon Sect
(Yuri 14 – Hyul 16)

To many, Lady Khaos was known as a leader in the community. She was an influential woman in Koguryo and not to mention the longest serving Primogen in the Nexus. Yet, she fulfilled many informal roles as well; she was a trusted confidant, a teacher and an advisor. But above all she provided a concerned ear coupled with a mother’s love.

Khaos never failed to make herself available to all those who sought after her assistance. In fact she could often be found in her office spending her time listening to the troubles or praising the accomplishments of clan members, both inside and outside of the Nexus. She truly devoted her life to the care of children and young people, here and elsewhere.

Khaos lead the Sun Moon Sect through a period of great change in the Nexus; however her hallmark attribute of providing an environment of stability and continuity has allowed the Sun Moon Sect to prosper and grow. During her reign she managed to transform a ragtag group of people who shared a hall into one of the closest-knit families in the Nexus.

I, as many others both before and after me, am one who found SunMoon and had the privileged of knowing Khaos. This woman’s beautiful spirit welcomed me into a family, taught me to become a positive force and forever took me under her wing. And from that first day she always remained both my mentor and a life-long friend.

Khaos, you have been my role-model and my mentor and you will be greatly missed. The Sun Moon Sect will forever remain your legacy and its accomplishments a testament to your leadership. May we never forget what you have taught us and may we honour your memory in all we do.

I hope this has helped you understand, even if a small little bit,
The impact of an Angel for whom which all the candles are now lit.
So again I look up to heavens, but this time I smile,
For I know Lady Khaos has ascended down Heaven's aisle.

~ Lord Muckish Xing-Normad'Or
Third Primogen of the Sun Moon Sect

Unforgotten Memories

2009/04/19 - Sun Moon at the Fox Hunts

Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds

The Sun Moon Sect is a clan family in the ancient Korean Kingdom of Koguryo on the online role-playing game, NexusTK.


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